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    Comprehensive online and offline PR solutions and corporate services
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    We shall organise your advertising campaign in the online and offline media.
    SEO, social media, Google campaign, printed advertisements.

Marketing and PR

Marketing, i.e. market organisation, influencing the market.

Marketing is a science serving the popularisation of a business approach, a service or even an idea which - if properly applied - provides the basis for the successful implementation of an idea or for the development of an existing project. Marketing is a multidisciplinary science applying the relevant fields of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, management, mathematics and statistics at the same time in order to achieve the business or other goal.

Marketing helps sell your product, service or corporate philosophy.

PR, i.e. propaganda and public relations

Public Relations is a conscious and well-structured activity, which aims that the organisation or the product, service or business ideas thereof produce the best possible effect in the environment, to evoke mutual recognition, cooperation and goodwill for both. Marketing and PR are extremely complex, scientific fields with continuous technical and theoretical development, which demand the cooperation of several professionals of their different fields in order to achieve the given goal.

Website development

Businesses or projects are available virtually from anywhere in the digital space through its website, however its projection, message and effect must correspond with the effects and the message of the business in the physical space or it must be even better.

It must present all corporate values on a computer, smartphone or tablet within seconds. It must present everything that your business represents to the people starting to search in this special space with billions of competitors.

It must show why they should choose your business, why the visitor should spend time to use your website. In order to do this, you need an interface working fine on any device, coming among the first ones on the list of search results and once they start using it, it must be attractive, informative and working outstandingly.

This result may only be achieved through the coordinated work of specialists from several fields.

Key jobs


SEO is the “natural” tool which places a website or some content thereof to the best possible position on the list of Internet search results in one or more topics. It means that the proper application of SEO - following an adequate search optimisation - allows visitors to see your website among the first ones after ranking and thus increases the chance to click on your website. SEO targets different fields like contents found in text, images, photos, and videos. Appropriately “indexing” these contents in essential in order to achieve the goal.

Online marketing, i.e. Internet marketing is completely different from offline marketing, i.e. marketing activity applied in the real, physical space. In case of online marketing we talk about link campaigns, google adwords, web analytics, mobile marketing, SEO, viral marketing, webdesign and many other topics which require special, modern and continuously developed knowledge. Employing an IT specialist is not enough for a business to manage the activities of online marketing, since the IT background is only a highly important, but small element of the entire activity in case of online marketing. If you wish to be present efficiently in the virtual space with your business, you must inevitably cooperate with the specialists of the given fields.

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn are virtual spaces where communities are organised through the contact networks of individuals for similar interests, activities or goals.

These virtual networks are characterised by the free and unlimited flow of information in most cases in almost infinite number of topics, therefore nearly all human population is represented here. We can also say with a little overstatement that you can reach almost anyone in the social media through a given contact network. We all have the chance to use the social media for our business objectives through the marketing professionals who know and apply it and to forward our messages to the target audience with the appropriate marketing tools.

SEO, Social Media






Graphic Design

Photo and video

The eye is one of the most important channels of information for the brain since most people get 80% of their first impressions in any topic through this sense. So the effect of a given picture or video caused in someone looking at it either on a digital interface or a material in the physical space.

The fields of photography and video provide several opportunities to record a moment or an event, that is why knowing this require more and more, continuously developing knowledge and skills in special technical devices to make a photo not just a picture or a video not just a film, but to make it capable of values and messages to the viewer.

photo and video


Content service is one of the most popular marketing tools today.

If You or your company has some content which may be shared online as a live broadcast, do not hesitate to share it. You may get great popularity with this tool.

This may be a live broadcast on Facebook, a live VR broadcast on YouTube or just a simple voice service and success is guaranteed.

stream media


People work more efficiently where they are proud to belong.

In the operation of a successful business it is essential to utilise the resources of the company more effectively. In case of an operating business, human resources are indisputably the most important of all. Nevertheless the managers of the company must work to make it really effective. It is not enough to clearly and precisely set the task, the company needs motivated and loyal employees.

It is important that your professionals feel appreciated and trusted by their managers at work. It is essential that They feel important in the given workplace community. However the management of the company may not be expected to maintain regular and personal dialogues with each employee, since the time and energy devoted on this would have an inverse effect on production.

Small, medium or large companies equally have to apply means of communication, which facilitate the continuous and smooth exchange of information to the employees. Successful and well communicating companies are characterised by the fact that employees develop a so called brand behaviour through which the employee can represent the basic principles of the company out of working hours too, they strengthen the value of the brand in their behaviour and increase the positive reputation of the company in environments outside the company.

The positive reputation of a company may facilitate its position in the market competition due to the current shortage of workforce for firms which apply the means of internal communication well.

stream media


Do you know what the only thing is that we all fetch from our apartment if we forgot it?

This is the mobile telephone. Everyone has a mobile phone at all times. People are continuously making phone calls, using Facebook, surfing on the net or playing on their mobiles.

They even take it to bed.

Why don’t you get your business on this device? Once you are on your clients’ mobile phone, you can always reach them.

Such application may be a useful program or an entertaining game that you can give your clients free of charge. Entertainment strengthens a positive corporate image and thus commercials do not seem so offensive when our favourite film is interrupted on TV. Huge companies like Tesco or Johnny Walker also use games for advertising.

You can send your own advertisements to the application or the game, which is seen by all active clients immediately.

It is so simple. Did you think that?

mobile game


Let us clarify the concepts:

  • VR - virtual reality.
  • AR - augmented reality.

People have long been dealing with VR and not it is here and available for everyone.

It is not only a game, but a tool which can be used for almost everything and impresses people.

VR developers always emphasise that the possibilities in VR reach beyond games. Large media corporations like Vice Media, The New York Times and NBC produce VR news and documentaries and they are making experiments with the possibilities.

360-degree videos have quickly become popular on the Internet. If people watch these videos, they can better feel inside the film so the advertising messages get much more powerfully to the audience too.

Traditional fine arts have found home in the world of VR. Quill for Rift and Tilt Brush Vive are both 3D illustration tools through which artists can produce pieces of art in the virtual space.

Obviously, VR is not limited to recreation. This is a new world you must enter now, while competitors have not discovered the opportunity.


A presentation may result in acquiring or losing great amounts of money. If the stake is really high, you need a very convincing presentation.

We have developed our 3D presentation solutions for this, with the help of which you can present your product, service of idea in the virtual space.

Flying in the virtual space, the ‘Wow-experience” is guaranteed.




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